Private Rescue Mission in the Works to Save 4,650 Women and Children from Afghanistan

Ark Salus, a U.S. special operations veterans-based nonprofit, plans to rescue hundreds of families marked for death by the Taliban in the coming weeks on a mission called “OPERATION ON WINGS OF EAGLES”.

BELLEVUE, WA -August 12th, 2021

Ark Salus announces a plan toward the immediate humanitarian evacuation of approximately 4,650 noncombatant family members of Afghanistan’s elite military forces to an environment free from immediate threat to life by Taliban. Funding for this ambitious rescue remains the only obstacle toward initiating the massive air evacuation.

“We have a moral obligation to our fellow Afghan Warriors to safeguard their wives and children, just as they have brought us home to our families”, says Ark Salus co-director and author of OPERATION ON WINGS OF EAGLES , Pete Quinn. The operation includes the immediate rescue and long-term advocacy during their journey toward citizenship abroad. Ark Salus is working earnestly with other international organizations to place, care, and safeguard these vulnerable families. The evacuation is planned to rescue only the immediate families of the Commando forces, not the soldiers themselves. 

This massive rescue, to be conducted by contracted airlift, is extremely costly.  Without raising the necessary funds, Ark Salus will be forced to conduct a heart wrenching prioritization toward how many souls they can save.  A detailed schedule of funding is available through the website or


Ark Salus is comprised of private American citizens—a small group of former U.S. Special Operations advisors and humanitarian professionals with the critical expertise in the technical, tactical, and logistical capabilities to perform this complex rescue. The members of Ark Salus have unparalleled direct placement and access, from previous combat experiences,  with the key Afghan leaders within the Afghan Government, Elite Commando Units, and select Intelligence support cells. Ark Salus is uniquely poised to properly plan, coordinate, and execute the only private rescue endeavor of this size and scope.  



The rescue of 6k refugees rests in the hands of a group of Special Operations veterans . This mission is only possible with generous donations from philanthropic organizations and private citizens who share the same “moral obligation” to save them from the Taliban.










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